A Poetic Journey From Childhood to Prophecy

Fathieh Saudi

Tlon Books Publishing Ltd, 2007.
74 P.

The ProphetsFathieh Saudi was born in Jordan in 1949. She completed her medical studies in France. Although close to poetry since childhood, she only started writing poems in English after moving to England. Fathieh now lives in London.

In this collection the author travels into the childhood of the prophets: Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. She creates a poetic world of feelings, hope and despair, humanity and exile, tracing each prophet’s unique path to revelation.

I saw the tears in the eyes of a lamb,
I listened to the alphabet of the wind,
I learned the language of birds,
I felt the mountain’s silent whispers,
I touched wordless souls,
I walked through time,
I touched the essence of God,
God whispered in my dreams,
Into my heart.
I saw my prophecy.

Everything was so alive!
“No creature should be sacrificed any more!
“No more blood of any kind will run,” I cried.
“No more blood of any kind will run.” I cried.
(From “Jesus”)